Array/iterator and looping behaviour in kak script

I agree that Lua is probably accessible enough from a user’s perspective.

Take for instance some of our must popular plugins: kak-lsp, parinfer and kak-tree depend on Rust, connect.kak has an optional dependency on Crystal and kakboard depends on usually not pre-installed external tools for communicating with the clipboard. And nobody looks at these dependencies as a problem.

kak-lsp provides binaries in each release, which is what I use. kak-tree I only use on my work computer because I didn’t want to install the rust toolchain on my home computer. Instead of kakboard I have my own simple clipboard copy snippet tuned to what is available on the systems I use. Maybe I am not a typical user, but as you see dependencies affect my decisions as a user.

Like I said before, it is a trade-off between what the author wants to use and what the user is willing to install. I wouldn’t tell a plugin author what language to use, but they should expect that users having to install dependencies will affect their willingness to install a plugin, along with its expected usefulness. For specifically Lua though, if I want to try a plugin I would probably install Lua for it since it seems easy and small enough.

Yes I tried, but it didn’t helped me for the following reason.

  • I havn’t found a way to send all those marks to an exterior script, like the | command does.

  • it can work with a fixed number of “russian doll” selections. But with a dynamic number, it get’s a bit tricky.

  • I can only assign a mark to a register ~= assign to a letter on my keyboard. It limit the number of selections I can send to another program to the number of keys on my keyboard.

So from my understanding I can only use marks for quick and hacky solution for small and simple problem. But it can’t be used as general purpose solution for the problem of sending “russian doll” selections to an external script.