Documentation for format, lint and make

I’m using Kakoune for quite some time now, but I’ve never figured out, where I could find documentation on how the format, lint and make commands work and how exactly they are configured. Everything I know about them is inferred from examples or from kakrc-files, but I would like to understand them properly know. Can someone point me in the right direction? I’ve found nothing about the fundamentals using :doc or in the Wiki.

There is (now) some documentation about the :lint command available through :doc lint, but not yet for the others.

Basically, they all work the same way: you set formatcmd, lintcmd, or makecmd to a shell command that produces output in the expected format, and then run :format, :lint or :make to invoke them, collect the output, and do useful things with it.

If you were interested in contributing to Kakoune, expanding the :doc lint documentation or adding similar docs for the format and make plugins would be greatly appreciated.