Kakoune on windows platform

no pb with wsl, kakoune run same as linux box.

But I still use vim on my windows 10 workstation because vim is well integrated in my contextual menu of explorer and I can drop files on vim to open it, etc…

I want native software on windows, that wsl shit adds impedence and slow down my productivity compared to vim on that platform.

Could you use for your professional work your win32 favorite editor on linux with wine ?

I guess we have pretty different usage patterns, when I was on windows, in the end, I was running a X11 desktop through WSL to avoid having to deal with windows… So I did not mind that Kakoune was not really integrated. I had written a quick .bat file that was able to run Kakoune in mintty through cygwin on an arbitrary windows file, that could have been added to a context menu, but I do agree with WSL this would be even harder.

Kakoune relies on having a posix environment around it, I am not sure what a native windows port could look like, maybe building kakoune in msys could work ?

You can do the context menu thing – https://github.com/mawww/kakoune/wiki/Windows-tips – drag and drop would require a level of awareness about the greater world of windows, so unlikely in the short term.

As for drag and drop, I don’t even think Windows consoles support drag and drop events do they?

I know a guy who uses Emacs on windows 7 in a VM. He installed Arch Linux in it, Emacs starts at login and is running full-screen without window manager. He uses shared folders to access windows files. I suppose if he would like to use Kakoune, he would do the same setup for it. It sure has some overhead but he says it works just fine for him.

Indeed console do not support DnD on windows, I do not use vim in plain console but rather gvim.
The cygwin experience is not enough, I will stick with gvim on windows.

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Hi all, for those coming from osx to win10.

I just moved to win10 platform this month (Feb 2019) and using the wsl/ubuntu. I found ‘apt-get’ did not install the same kakoune experience I had been used to on the osx. I used homebrew package manager for linux which solved my kakoune problems and am now back to normal with little effort.

As I read this thread on my way to eventually finding a solution thought it might help others posting it here.

brew formulae kakoune
ubuntu/bionic apt-get kakoune
windows subsystem for linux

If you don’t mind, I would like to ask you, what kind of problems/differences you had during the usage of kakoune installed with apt compared to the one installed with brew?

It was only late last year that the Debian package for Kakoune started getting updated regularly. Even the most recent Ubuntu release has a Kakoune from 2016, but the next release (in April) should be up-to-date.

Oh my…

Thanks for the explanation Screwtapello that answers my head scratching as well.

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The console team at Microsoft have put together a blog on the future direction of ‘Windows Command-Line applications’. And quote ‘The new Win32 ConPTY API provides a mechanism that is similar to the POSIX PTY model’.
Link: Introducing the Windows Pseudo Console (ConPTY) API

With a github repo “EchoCon” ConPTY Sample App.
Link: EchoCon

The terminal IO (which ConPTY would help with) is an easy problem, Kakoune already has user interfaces abstracted away, so implementing a win32 based UI (with actual windows widgets) is doable and might be relatively easy to write.

The hard problem for native windows support is that the interaction/extension model of Kakoune expects a posix shell and the basic posix tools to be available, most interaction of Kakoune with the external world starts by it forking a shell process (I am thinking of |command<ret> and %sh{...}). I suspect we can get relatively far if there was (did not check if that exists) a windows native busybox, then its just a matter of tweaking ShellManager to use win32 api to run busybox in shell mode with the relevant arguments and redirections.


Yeesss of course…for those who are thinking along the lines of IO redirection to win32 from wsl Windows and Ubuntu Interoperability another great blog post from Microsoft.

The continuous development of the wsl on win10 and with Terminus I am enjoying an uninterrupted experience with Kakoune. The new April 2019 windows patch will add file sharing between the mediums.

So I think I will head over to @Screwtapello @andreyorst help on kakoune documentation (racket/scribble just putting it out there have not looked if it is possible yet, docs::OOP->Functional).

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Excuse me, but I simply can’t understand the message here (why me? I’m maintaining a plugin manager and several plugins for Kakoune, not the documentation)

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Hey all! :smile:

I’m selfishly trying to revive this :speak_no_evil: to know what is the go-to method of having Kakoune on Windows these days. I’m in love with the editor but unfortunately, there are certain industry like mine (gamedev) where Windows is the standard.

I’d love to be able to use it everywhere without too much hassle and requirements (of installing Unix-like subsystems, a lot of other software/dependencies, etc, which you might not be able to do depending on the place). And I was wondering if there have been any advancements on getting Kakoune running well on Windows or what is the current method people recommend or tend to use :blush:

Please help me and my buddies not have to go to gvim or nvim!!! :fearful:

I think a compelling argument could be made to have a Kakoune that is backed by Powershell Core. Open source (MIT), cross platform, powerful, and modern. If added as an additional target (like we have for windowing operations) it could be immensely powerful. A friend of mine privately started work down this path but it fizzled out as it was very hard.


Back when I was in the gamedev industry, I used either cygwin or WSL to run Kakoune. Having a posix enviornment is a necessity for both Kakoune and myself.

Cygwin did a pretty good job most of the time, except for fork heavy plugins that tended to be a bit slugish.
WSL was better in this regard, and I progressively ended up hiding windows behind a X11 server with a nice window manager running…

Building was unfortunately not a very nice story, as I still had to run visual studio in the background to compile the project, hopefully it got easier to trigger a VS compilation from the command line.

Kakoune being even more dependend on a posix environement underneath it than vim did, a native port is not really planed, hopefully cygwin or WSL are good enough for your use case.