<newbie> equivalent of vim's `make` and `quickfix`

Hi! (I’m not kidding about the newbie tag ;-)). In vim I can make a program, and assuming vim knows how to parse the output, it populates the quickfix list with the errors.

What’s the equivalent workflow in kakoune?

I use kak-lsp which goes a long way, but it doesn’t include test results for example.


Use the :make command, see its docstring for a description.

Use makecmd option to set default.
For example to use ninja instead of make to build:

set-option global makecmd "ninja"

Using :make will create the *make* buffer for you (equivalent of quickfix).

Use :make-next-error and :make-previous-error to naviguate. All of this asuming your Make target is outputing the traditional format (from memory $FILE:$LINE:$COLUMN:$MESSAGE)


thank you @tototest99. Other than TRAMPOLINE and https://github.com/mawww/kakoune/tree/master/doc, are there any other resources I should be reading?


see <newbie> ELI5 how integration with shell works - #2 by tototest99

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