Plugins broke after upgrading kakoune

I installed kakoune-2021.08.28, and janet.kak broke.
auto-pairs.kak also broke.

I manage plugins with plug.kak.

Any error messages in the debug buffer?

Kakoune now includes basic support for Janet out of the box. If your plugin for Janet defines a janet module, that may be causing a conflict.

rc/filetype/janet.kak is broken. I had contributed to pepe/janet.kak a few times to fix it.

Is there a way to cleanly override rc/filetype/janet.kak with a third party plugin?

I think rc/filetype/janet.kak should just copy pepe/janet.kak.

Weirdly, auto-pairs.kak isn’t even available for require-module.

If you create a ~/.config/kak/autoload directory, Kakoune won’t read the standard library anymore. Usually people create a symlink to the standard library inside autoload/ so that it’s still available, but you can just symlink the individual files and directories you like instead of everything.

Whitelist doesn’t scale up. I want to blacklist.

In that case, no, it’s not possible.

Isn’t it possible to override? I want to use pepe/janet.kak instead of the built-in janet.kak

Only via whitelisting.

Yes my friend there is, I use:

provide-module -override java

‘allow the module to replace an existing one with the same name.’
@see Module commands

If you can get pepe/janet.kak to use the -override flag no more worries.

you can take a look here: kakoune-java.kak

Cool buddy, bye :wave:


This is it.

provide-module -override

It’s not a general fix, since many (most?) plugins don’t use modules. Luckily this one does!