Search and Explore (...and hopefully improve beyond baseline `:grep`)

Search.kak plugin that aims at improving beyond baseline :grep somewhat inspired by CtrlSF.vim.


  • Search and display result in a user-friendly view with adjustable context.
  • Easily navigte between search hits speeding up exploration.


  • Edit mode that is incredibly useful when working on project-wide refactoring.

Maybe you find this useful as well.



I’m using kakoune-find plugin for editing grep results. you can check out how it’s done there and see if it helps with your implemention.

Thanks for the hint @andreyorst. kakoune-find is definitely a good inspiration!

Hi. May I ask you how you manage the second window for the results?

And I would love to sneek peek at your kakoune configuration, you seem to have some very nice things there.

Thank for the plugin!