Tiny file browser

I got tired of foo is directory when I press enter too early when typing edit command, so I wrote this tiny file browser. Tiny means ~30 LOC. It still amazes me how much you can achive in Kakoune with little code. Enjoy!


That’s neat. If you’ve seen in ranger.kak, you can create an error hook so that your browser opens automatically if you try to edit a directory. One problem is that it doesn’t work directly as you open kakoune on a directory (e.g. with kak .).

That’s nice, but I prefer to not mess with edit command, It’s easy to add
though. Opening kakoune on directory could be solved via shell alias I guess.

Nice plugin TeddyDD, clean and useful. Thanks!

Here’s an alternative approach to navigate in files : https://github.com/occivink/kakoune-filetree

Thats really cool, I think those things show how Kakoune extension model, while being a pain to work with some times, makes lots of simple things simple.