Web development setup advices

I do web development as my dayjob and I’m working with kak as my main editor.

While it has been working great with a lot of tools (eslint, prettier) it has some shortcomings. Stuff like working with css is a bit bothersome and autocomplete is not that good as is with other languages.

I’m currently trying to make stylelint work with kakoune but I think the output is not in the correct format. Does anybody has any good advices or plugins to try to make it more manageable?

I don’t do much web development, but I use

kak-lsp with:

  • jedi, pyls-black, pyls-isort, pydocstyle, pydcodestyle (Python)
  • flow-bin (JS)
  • intelephense (php)

I guess it shows that I do python-backend development, I have more lsp-plugins for python, than for all other languages together.