Window_height value expansion

I’ve read somewhere that the lookup order is window, buffer,global.
And I know that I can specify on the terminal of choice, a height and width accordingly, but is there a way that I could define a command, expanding the value of window_height with %val{window_height} on the config file, so every time kak is invoked, it does so with the specified dimensions.
I want the terminal to fall back to default values., e.g uxterm, rxvt-unicode, terminator, etc.
Similarly, vim already does this - not recommended - by setting a number of lines on the initialization file with set lines

In general, the terminal emulator tells the application running inside how big it is, rather than the application telling the terminal emulator how big to be. However, some terminals support a “please resize” escape sequence, which is probably what Vim does when you try to assign to lines or columns.

You probably want something like:

define-command \
    -docstring "resize-term <width> <height>: Ask the current terminal to resize itself to <width> by <height> character cells" \
    -params 2 \
resize-term %{
        nop %sh{ printf '\e[8;%d;%dt' "$2" "$1" > /dev/tty }

EDIT: Actually, probably an even cleaner way to do it would be to launch Kakoune via a wrapper script like:

resize -s 25 80 > /dev/null
kak "$@"

Then you don’t have to worry about Kakoune messing with the controlling terminal or interfering with Kakoune’s output.

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Thanks. The code above should be implemented upstream