A GitHub-compatible wiki for Kakoune

I made this plugin years ago and announced it in a different thread, but rather than necrobump that old thread to announce an update, I’ll make a real announcement thread.

A wiki is a great way to record unstructured information about a topic, whether it’s a fictional world or an operating system or just your personal notes. Most wiki software runs on a webserver, which can make it hard to set up and means regular security updates; a purely-local wiki would be nice for privacy but sometimes you do want to publish it for other people to see. It’d be great if there were a wiki tool that worked completely locally, but was also compatible with a web-based wiki for the times when that’s useful or helpful.

And so: Screwtape / kakoune-ghwiki · GitLab

This plugin helps you edit wikis that match the general shape of a GitHub wiki repository:

  • all the files are Markdown files using the .md extension
  • there’s a Home.md file which is the “front page” of the wiki
  • Pages use MediaWiki style [[wiki links]] to link to other pages
    • to link to a page with a different name, the target goes after the vertical bar, like this: [[displayed text|target page]]

It provides:

  • Hit <ret> on a link to open the corresponding file, even if it doesn’t exist yet
  • Completion of page names after typing [[ or [[whatever|
    • it completes from the list of pages that exist, plus pages that do not exist but that other pages link to
  • a ghwiki user-mode that lets you find pages that link to the current page, pages with no inbound links (“orphans”), and pages with inbound links but which don’t exist yet (“missing”)

The latest version adds the “orphan” and “missing” queries.


As well as being compatible with GitHub’s wiki repositories, this scheme also happens to be compatible with the Android Markdown editor Markor, so you can have a personal wiki you can browse at home in Kakoune, and on the go in Markor.