A savant’s Github repository

I found the smartest guy in the room today Carlos Velasco author of Korlibs.

After picking my jaw up off the floor screaming Mum and Dad, you’re fired! I pose this question:

‘Do you know of any repositories that left you feeling short changed in the gene pool?’

This is programming language agnostic, any talented repositories that you may also have stumbled across please post. As maybe others and I would enjoy learning from their work.

Thanks guys.

Personally I’ve been mind blown by the arcan project, which can be simply described as a “desktop engine”.

So far it has all been made by single person, yet the architecture design seems so well thought out.

One day I would love to use it as a replacement for Xorg, although I haven’t made the push to realize that yet.

Drew Devault (aka: sircmpwn) – not only is he prolific and amazing, but he also has good code taste and works on things that matter people use daily (window manager, email client, source management tools).

  • Sourcehut (source management tools)
  • Sway (window manager)
  • Aerc (email client)

You forgot receptor for synapse.