About the Manual++ category

This section is intended to be The Manual++ for Kakoune. Here’s a brief explanation of what we think it can be used to.

Basically, these are manual pages for Kakoune, but now we are able to comment, discuss and improve those independently from Kakoune’s official repository by filling the gaps in the documentation. This is a nice feature because new users generally have questions, and though lots of those can be answered in FAQ section, new questions also come up frequently, and those could be addressed here instead of making FAQ section grow much. This also great because as community evolves, these topics can include neat tricks, snippets of kakscript and advises, and became the source of inspiration to future improvements on Kakoune’s documentation.

Another possible usage of this section, is a manual entries for Kakoune builtin commands, that currently have no separate documentation pages, and information on how they work can be accessed only when calling this command through prompt mode. There are various commands from ctags-search to spell , some of those may be pretty simple, but some may actually be somewhat complex in configuration, or obscure in behavior, so again, these topics can serve a purpose of improvement upon original documentation.

I hope we all find these topics useful and together make Kakoune even better tool.