Adding selections with the mouse

I’ve been using kakoune as my main driver for almost two years. I’m still getting used to the awesome power of multiple selections driven by keyboard. However one of the nicest things about sublime text’s multiple cursors that I miss is being able to hold control and click and drag to add a new selection without clearing the existing. I know kakoune supports using the mouse to make a selection, and that selections can be appended to previously marked ones. Is there a way to put the two together?

I agree that it is very useful; holding down Ctrl while left clicking with the mouse already works :slight_smile:


I already knew that Kakoune supported ctrl-left-clicking to add a one-character selection; today I learned it also supports ctrl-left-dragging to add an entire span.


I wonder when this was added? It’s one of the first things I tried when I started with kakoune and it didn’t work then. Embarrassing that it already works!

I didn’t know this worked either, it is great! Literally had a real world usage of it within an hour of learning about it! \o/

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Double click selecting the word and triple click selecting the line would be the next thing to add (hopefully).