Alt-j text mode

@andreyorst can you test it? yes or no?

I don’t want to sound mean @andreyorst. It’s a simple yes or no. If you can’t test it even on your old PC then I’ll wait for someone who does it. Someone on the community might be able to help me out on this. Right?

To be honest, I don’t even know at this point if having Arch is any relevant here

Yes, talking about tty. At least that’s what I understood from previous posts.


This issue largely reminds me of a poem written by Bertolt Brecht, who said something in the lines that:

Wouldn’ it be simpler for the Government (kakoune) to dissolve the People (a certain layout) and elect another?

After all, @mawww is the Benevolent Dictator :smiley:

:slight_smile: Oh gosh…

I used dvorak for many years, but I have always found colemak more pleasant.

I think you are being unconsiderated and unrespectful. This software is open source and free, and no contributor is responsible for what could be a bug.

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@nonumeros don’t act like an ass. It will not be accepted in this community. This is your one and only warning, next will be a ban.

I don’t want to sound rough either, but from the first time I’ve asked you “where does this problem occur?” question I didn’t got meaningful answer. You simply said that it works for you in GNOME terminal, and I had no clue of what you’ve originally talked about. Only after @cipharius appeared and gave me a hint that you were referring to TTY as of Virtual Console, only then I’ve understood your problem. You, on the other hand, were very unhelpful in providing clear explanations, or steps to reproduce your issue, and only asked a lot of unrelated personalish questions, and asked to preform quite a time consuming actions, like to “install arch linux”. Sorry, we don’t owe you a thing, so if you’re not willing to help us help you, how can we do it?

No, I don’t want to mess with keyboard layouts on my PC.

First of all, I’m not a developer of Kakoune the editor. I develop plugins. It has nothing to do with Kakoune core.

Second, if you think that this is a bug, then go and fill a proper bug report on Mawww’s github repo for Kakoune. Give it a proper description with explanation of your problem, and your bug will be fixed, if it can be reproduced, or a workaround will be proposed, if it is possible.

Third, I don’t use custom layouts, like dworak, only alternative language layouts, because I speak several languages. And on these layouts Kakoune normal mode indeed doesn’t work because <a-ы> means nothing for Kakoune. For this purpose, I, as a plugin developer, developed a plugin, that makes it easier for me, for myself, for purposes of my needs, to switch layouts in insert mode only, while keeping qwerty in normal mode. So I don’t have to swittch layouts system-wide at all.

With all that, I’m out.

@robertmeta what is this all about? are we all adults here or no? No one can take a slight criticism?

I’m not being an ass. You are being an ass for even implying to ban me over nothing.

Was I being abusive because I made it clear that this issue had nothing to do with a terminal emulator and didn’t have time to be horsing around?

you do have time

@nonumeros has been banned until Sept 1st. I am going to lock this thread so people don’t reply to them in a forum they have no ability to reply on.