Autoload not loading with kak -e (execute client)

I’m weening myself off of vscode. Kakoune seemed like the perfect fit because I never liked how I don’t really know what I’m doing before it’s done (with vim). Great project! I’m trying to set up an IDE-like experience with tmux. I have Googled around a bunch and have gotten pretty far (kakoune has a really ergonomic config language!).

I’m currently aliasing ki to tmux new-session "kak -e ide; tmux kill-session", with an uninspiring define-command ide (ide.kak.nix). I have a bunch of other autoloads, none of which (sans IDE) are loaded with the ki alias. The trivial test is that the theme is not loaded. They are numbered according to priority (kakrc.nix).

I am more than happy to use the idiomatic kakoune config style, if I am doing it wrong, I just don’t know where I am going wrong.


Looks like your ide command is running source . which looks like an error. The error should show up in the debug buffer.
Try running :b *debug*.

Note that a user autoload folder completely overrides the kak-provided autoloads, so you’ll want to symlink to that if you haven’t already.