Basic-interactions.kak plugin for Kakounes keyboard shortcuts

Hosted on basic-interactions.kak

git clone

Plugin to help the new users and part-timers with simple user mode keyboard shortcuts.
Command keys and abbreviated descriptions taken from kakoune man page on

3. Basic Interaction.

This is my first plugin and public repo.
Its not on the place where current plugins are scraped by kakoune to broaden their user use (deliberate action student sign-up benefits on waiting till final year).

Feedback welcome, does not have to be constructive just polite.
Thanks mawww.
Fixed backticks and links on behalf of @andreyorst for making me the new bloke welcome. If you get the chance @andreyorst can you take a peek at the product and let me know the do’s and don’ts. Thanks.

Repo now matured to final copy. Any Kakoune future updates that have breaking changes to this plugin will be fixed just let me know or give it a week or two. Enjoy and thanks everyone, loving the Kak… is there an emoji for fanboy aahhh! no there isn’t but its all :unicorn:'s and :rainbow:'s so all good.

Thanks! I’m not quite sure I understand the difference between core- and dual- commands. dual- commands are the one which usually involve the alt key, right?

It was a stumbling block for me. I was going to use unary and binary but again same word issue conflict ‘does it mean this or that’. So I settled on core for singular and dual for two with the meaning two key combinations. Due to the alt & ctr being used in ‘dual’ keyboard shortcuts sequence I was unable to use it as a prefix.

I suppose single or double but…meh its a non functional requirement that is easy to remember. If you do have a simpler alternation let us know. Thanks.

You found my weak spot @Delapouite a poke to the ribs, so you have gotten a mention in the speeches (git commit) and command names are now prefixed with une and deux. Its a big wide world and I love it, thank you. Your thumbnail makes me grin every time I see it, keep up the good work.