Behavior of `<alt-i>i` and `<alt-a>i`


I have a question concerning the behavior of <atl-i>i and <alt-a>i.

Let’s say we have:

1 {
2   int a;
3   int b;
5   double a;
6   double c;
8 }

The <alt-i>i would select lines 2-6 and the <alt-a>i would select lines 2-7 as in both case empty lines are considered.
In the vim-indend-textobject plugin which brings a similar selector to vim, there is two objects (i & I), one that ignore empty lines (as kakoune does) and one that does not. Can we emulate this second one easily in kakoune ? That would allow to select lines 2-3 easily.

You can take the intersection of the paragraph and the tabulation.


The idea comes from

I could not manage to have both the <alt-i> and <alt-a> using this method but I am able to select the indented paragraph way better than previously, thanks!