Fellow console junkies, this is a fun product:

Sadly doesn’t play well with connect … yet, but hopefully soon!


Why it does not work with Connect?

Just installed, but I do not feel at ease.

Can you show me how you use it?

Broot doesn’t respect EDITOR :frowning: .

Bad Broot.

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It seems it uses xdg-open by default

NNN does as well, but it has an override you can set. Can we fix the xdg-open to do the right thing? Is that something that connect could set?

@robertmeta Add to desktop

Use <space>e<enter> to edit a file in your $EDITOR.

You can also overwrite broot’s behavior for enter by setting a verb in the config.

I wrote a simple integration to select and open a file from broot from within kakoune using “suspend and resume” if anyone is interested (works only with tmux in this specific implementation and makes assumptions about config locations; dirty but works :sweat_smile: ).

EDIT: That was already discussed here, sorry: Broot: A new way to see and navigate directory trees - #9 by sgraf812


I will merge the threads

Change standard file opening