Bspwm.kak: BSPWM integration for Kakoune

I had patched versions of some Kakoune commands for BSPWM. I decided to create a plugin from them yesterday.

I plan to continue developing this plugin and to add more features and scripts I have to make it easy to transform Kakoune into a full-fledged IDE customized by the user with the help of bspwm.

Why bspwm.kak?

Take a look at the README.


I’ve found x11-send-text to work a little inconsistently (forcing me to occasionally switch to tmux) so I’m keen to try this plugin out.

One trick I use occasionally with bspwm is

bspc rule -a \* -o state=floating && <cmds>

to get floating windows. ATM I use it with commands like connect.kak’s fzf-files to get nice floating menus.

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