Building kak-lsp for Cygwin/Msys2

At work I’m using Kakoune on Msys2 (based on Cygwin).
Cygwin/Msys2 can’t run Unix binaries as-is; I’ve tried with kak-lsp.

I tried compiling kak-lsp on the Windows native Rust toolchain, and it failed (which I should have expected).
The failed crate was “daemonize”, and gave several error messages, such as error[E0433]: failed to resolve: could not find 'unix' in 'os'

The next step I plan to try is to build rust/cargo targeting the Cygwin runtime, and then see if kak-lsp will compile.

I’m very new to Rust, so I wanted to check here to see if anyone knows of a solution, before I potentially waste a bunch of time trying to figure out how to build Rust on Cygwin.