Call for publishing sample scripts using `luar`

Hi, folks!

@alexherbo2 asked me to provide some examples of plugins implemented using luar. I found it a nice idea because it could help people already interested in using the plugin to get their hands on it.

But the problem is that, except for luar itself, I have authored no other Kakoune plugin. My usage of luar is mainly as a tool to do a lot of small things to improve my productivity. Also, excluding me and @TeddyDD, I’m not aware of anyone really using luar.

I’ve already collected the main scripts I found in my kakrc using luar in this repository. But it would be nice if we could share our tricks as a community. So, I decided to ask anyone who happens to use luar for scripting Kakoune to publish his code in order to create a small corpus of real world examples for people interested in start using luar or just to inspire others.

But please keep in mind that the idea is not to convince other people to start using luar, just to help people already interested in start using it. No need for making it a popular plugin in any way. It’s also OK if no one else is using it at all :smile:.

Anyway, those interested in contributing, please publish your repository using the following 3 Github topics: kakoune, plugin and lua. This way we can reach them using this simple search.



That’s a great idea !

Personally I prefer using Python for my plugins, so maybe I’ll take inspiration from your work.

Remember: Programming Languaes are not a zero-sum game :slight_smile:

Hi, @dmerejkowsky! Sorry for the late reply!

It would be great if the community makes plugins like luar for other languages. Please do it! :blush:

I’m just not quite sure if it would be as succinct in Python as it is in Lua. I don’t know if Python has meta-programming facilities equivalent to those I used in luar, but in reality I don’t know too much Python as I know Lua, so it can be just my lack of knowledge.

In any case, if you need some help, just ask =)