Call for testing kak-lsp RC

Dear fellow Mouilleurs,

I implemented lsp-rename (new name is passed as a parameter) and lsp-rename-prompt (new name is prompted) commands in kak-lsp. But I must admit that I didn’t give it a good test, that’s why I put up a release candidate at and ask you to help me to ensure that feature works as expected.

Warning: renaming could go wild and eat your laundry, so better to commit your work before testing!

P. S. Not sure why Mac binaries are missing, I’ll try to fix it asap.

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sorry, forgot to clean before rebuild

Edit: No. Still same errors

Edit2: Updated everything with rustup, now kak-lsp builds correctly.

Edit3: I’ve tried renaming some basic rust code, and it works well. I’ll try in our huge C project with Cquery server

As this version lag have bitten few people already, I merged @JJK96’s PR to fix it.