CharaChorder - Type at the Speed of Thought - Peripheral Device

Both of these keyboards seem super-interesting to me. Sadly, the more conventional one won’t release until 2022!


I wonder how the more conventional version of the CharaChorder would compare with a QMK keyboard with stenography set up in terms of customization and ease of use.

I wonder how much of a difference I would experience with such a keyboard. Maybe it is like changing from a normal text editor to a modal one and you can’t go back. The non conventional one seems very interesting. If anyone has tried it please comment.

On the other hand, how is it useful for typing code?

Dude I love this, and if I had some money to burn I’d actually buy one.

Something that’s interested me since getting into comp sci as someone with ADHD is anything that both improves throughput and potentially gives me more options for providing input (gesture recognition, eye tracking, voice, etc). my goal for years now is to eventually set something up to where I can code while walking around my house (I pace a lot when thinking).

I now own it – the layout is completely alien and I am just starting to get the hang of it, but so far… well, I am in the “pain” stage of learning!

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Keep us posted on your progress as you go if you don’t mind! Looks interesting to me too.

So far, pain, much pain. A lot of thumb focus which is good, but I am not used ot active thumbs! I am trying an hour a day.

Oof, I remember that pain from when I first switched to my current ergodox ez layout (all programming special characters are accessible by holding j and tapping keys on the left half of the split or holding f and pressing keys on the right side of the split. Otherwise standard qwerty, just split and ortholinear). Especially the first week or so was brutal-- I feel your pain!

What kind of keyboard / layout are you coming from?

I’ve ordered the CharaChorder keyboard but haven’t received it yet. I switched from QWERTY to the Dvorak layout many years ago and I remember the first couple of weeks being “painful.” I’m expecting a similar experience with the CharaChorder. If it lives up to its promise of faster typing, it should be worth it.

I don’t know about those 5 way switches, but I think steno keybords are quite cool

Using a steno keyboard with a modal editor might be madness though

Edit: you cant have a cord for every char Steno for Everything: Giving Up the Computer Keyboard (StenoFest 2019) - YouTube