Completely redraw key bindings

An Atreus blank has become part of my collection recently. I take the occasion of change and want to transition to a Workman muscle memory along with the new keyboard.

The problem is starting from from a blank keyboard, I want to optimize my layout according to the finger strain coefficient rather than mnemonics (although for an atreus, the strain map looks slightly different).

That + Workman keyboard layout involves remapping a whole lot of things. Now, I’ve found a setup that starts to work for me and heavily relies on the right hand home row + factor-2-strain-keys for most of the things combined with neatly ergonomic modifier chording on the left hand home row due to qukeys.

However, now there are a ton of left-over keys spread around which still have their original bindings. I have tried unmap on default key bindings but that doesn’t seem to work.

  • How can I get rid of the legacy key bindings and build my green field layout without the trouble?
  • Can I use keycodes instead of key symbols?

I’m starting to think: is a custom build really my best option here? Since configuring seems quite convoluted without a clear abstract command identifier instead of their key proxy (hypothetical InsertLineStart instead of actual I)

Here is the corresponding suggestion in the complaint section:

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You can’t get rid of legacy keybindings, but you could override them with do-nothing mappings:

map global normal x ': nop<ret>'

It’s not possible to use keycodes here because Kakoune runs inside the terminal and terminals do not provide keycodes information.

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Thank you for this trick. It is an ok-ish work arround. However, I suspect it doesn’t get them keys rid in tooltips, like in view mode or goto mode. I’ll have to check …


this is what I ended up with. I wished this can be acknowledged as an UX bug.

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You could make your own user mode mygoto with the defaults you like copied over and activate that on g instead of the default goto.

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