Completions on Key

I have been using Kak for my Go development along with kak-lsp on Arch Linux with Sway. It’s been great so far! One thing that has been bugging me though is getting auto-completions and suggestions to show up when I press a key. I have tried to use which only seems to prevent Kak suggeestions from showing up for that insert session and doesn’t block kak-lsp completions. I am looking for a way to only see suggestions after a key press.


I believe autocompletitions can be disabled with the commands lsp-auto-hover-disable and lsp-auto-hover-insert-mode-enable. You can map the command lsp-hover to some key to get information when needed.

Please share your configuration if you can make it work. Right now, I still get completitions in insert mode, but I think they don’t come from kak-lsp.

You might want to control the completers option to disable word and filename based completion as well, see :doc options builtin-options, lsp uses the option=lsp_completions completer.