Config to require an invocation keymapping for insert completion suggestions, but keep command prompt suggestions?

I may be chasing the wrong solution to my problem here, but can I configure some details about the prompt and insert completion suggestions differently? I find the completion suggestions to be annoying as I’m typing, the constant suggestions toggling and filtering on every keypress is a little taxing. I’d like to have something where it will not come up with a suggestion until I invoke it (with a ctrl-space or ctrl-n/p), and otherwise insert mode remains quiet.

I’ve tried to quiet my insertion completion by choosing a higher idle_timeout, but now I can’t use the command prompt completion as quickly as I want.

Is there some way to keep the insert completion menu controllable by a key binding or other hooks but keep the other completion menus in kakoune?

set global autocomplete prompt and <c-o> for opening/closing the completion inside insert


Ah, this is perfect, thank you!