Counterpart of Emacs indent-new-comment-line


Is there such a feature as in Emacs. Meta-J Alt-J ?

At one time I had it swapped because of a different keyboard.

Is there such a feature as Alt-J though?


I should have been more explicit. What I should have said instead but I didn’t, was a counterpart to Emacs Alt-J on the prompt line minibuffer.

The only results after searching Google and not the documentation was redirecting to

but this is not what I’m referring to.

But rather to

Since in the minibuffer submits the argument, you can’t use it to insert a newline. You can do that with C-q C-j, which inserts a C-j control character, which is formally equivalent to a newline character (see Inserting Text). Alternatively, you can use the C-o ( open-line ) command (see Blank Lines).