Disable selection highlighting on a basic navigation commands

Hey! I already asked the same question on the subreddit so I’m sorry if such crossposting is frowned upon. Here’s the question:

I think highlighting a word every time I want to move by word, or highlighting a paren every time I’m moving to the matching one looks a bit jarring and distracting. Is there any way to disable that? I’m ok with selection being implicit (so following w by d still works), but I don’t want to see it after any basic movement command. I guess what I want to do is to never have selection highlighting unless I explicitly trigger it with s or something like that. Kinda like marks in emacs or 4coder

The best way might be to apply your ask to everything by overriding the PrimarySelection and SecondarySelection faces to be invisible, which can be restored on a command when you like. However I think having a selection for every move is fundamental to the way Kakoune is used and adding exceptions for certain movements would probably be pretty tricky and hacky.

May I recommend trying different colorschemes if you are distracted by the selection highlights? There are some colorschemes like the built-in gruvbox, mysticaltutor (shameless self-plug), one or saturn that uses transparent selections which might be less distracting?

Yeah I don’t want to get rid of selection, I still want to have it, but implicitly, without it being in my face. Does it make sence? I wonder if there’s anything that instead of highlighting give me an anchor indicator. that would probably work. But thanks for suggestions anyway