Distraction-free typing?

Hi! I’m looking for a way to turn kakoune into a more distraction-free experience, a bit like goyo.vim. Is there a plugin for that?

At least, I’d like to completely disable auto-completion but couldn’t find how to do this, only how to close the current completion window.

:doc keys insert-mode-completion

thanks for your answer, but it didn’t help much. Unless I missed something, that page describes the shortcuts to interact with a completion window, not how to disable the completion window.

“The completers option controls automatic completion, which kicks in when the value specified in the idle_timeout option is reached.”

So you can evaluate something like:

set-option global completers

when you need to (here set for all buffers with global).
Don’t forget to disable kak-lsp completion for these buffers too.

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OK, thanks for the clarification!