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I really like Kakoune. There seems to be no way to donate to the project. Can you make one?
For maximum efficiency getting an invoice would be great.

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We are a community fan-run site, we are not an official part of the project (but @mawww is an administrator here). As for the main project, it has been brought up a few times, not sure where @mawww falls on the topic.


Glad to see you enjoy Kakoune,

I am not against donations, but I dont know what to do with them, as I see basically two options:

  • Reinvest them into Kakoune somehow, which means I need to track Kakoune’s money, but I dont really have a lot of expenses really related to Kakoune (just domain and a small server running there)
  • Take them as a gift, but I dont know how to distribute them among contributors, it seems like an unsolvable problem to decide what a “fair” distribution is, and quite some work to distribute donation money around.

Seeing that I dont really need the money anyway (although I appreciate the gesture), I did not encourage donations.

If we can solve this, then we can setup something for donations, but frankly its not been a high priority thing for me, I’d be happy with users writing blog posts about Kakoune instead of donating money.

That said, I am sure @robertmeta has expenses running community sites, and I’d be ok with parts of Kakoune donations going to that.

@mawww what about the idea of donating money to some organization that helps fight cancer or other problems? E.g. we donate to you, you donate to organization, and report to community at year’s end or something like that.

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Yeah, that’s what Bram Moolenaar has been doing with Uganda:

Wow. I’d be happy if the money landed in your pocket @mawww. But I’d be happy too if I were to donate to a charity of your choosing.
Just out of curiosity, how much time are you spending on Kakoune? That can’t be a trivial amount.