Emmet completer

I used emmet-cli and kakoune-snippets to make a completer that inserts an emmet snippet upon selection.

The plugin can be found here

What works:

  • Filling the completions
  • Selecting (and thus applying) a snippet

What needs more work:

  • When mixed with other completions, the emmet completions disappear
  • Has a noticeable impact on fluency of the editor due to all the requests to emmet. Maybe it would be better to make a regex that already contains all possible emmet commands, so that no calls to emmet are needed except for inserting a snippet.
  • There is no support ATM for more elaborate emmet commands (e.g. ul>li*5). These can be inserted manually using the :emmet command though.

Let me hear your remarks, suggestions, etc.

Maybe make a separate repo for it if you call it a plugin? Users will be able to update it more easily if they use plug.kak or submodules in autoload dir. Also feedback will become much more easy as you’ll provide issue tracker just for this script, not all your kakoune config.


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