Execute-keys and registers


Guys, I can’t get why when I do

execute-keys <a-i>w*

on someword I see the message register '/' set to '\bsomeword\b, however / register isn’t changed, and contains old value. I didn’t specified a -save-regs switch, so I expect my default search register to be changed to the current selection, but it’s not happening. Am I missing something?


In :doc execeval you can see the following:

So if you don’t want exec to restore registers, you have to do exec -save-regs '' <a-i>w*.
As a side-note, it used to be that both eval and exec restore the default registers, but this was changed somewhat recently.


Ah, I misreaded the docs. I thought that execute-keys will save those regs if I specify -save-regs switch. Thanks!