Explore + Connect – Explore files and buffers with fzf

It is a combination of Explore and Connect to explore files and buffers with fzf.



set-option global explore_files_command fzf-files
set-option global explore_buffers_command fzf-buffers

define-command fzf-files -params .. -file-completion %(connect edit $(fd --type file . %arg(@) | fzf))
define-command fzf-buffers %(connect buffer $(buffer | fzf))

Note: It uses fd for listing files.


:e [directory]

For those not on linux just change explore-files.kak#L49 to regain full functionality.
explore-files-display "ls -L -p %sh(test $kak_opt_explore_files_show_hidden = true && echo -A)" %arg(1)


Thanks Alex. And I found your next thumbnail buddy, sorry its so big. I don’t know how to resize it. But it looks pretty cool.

I can think to that thumbnail when I workout, but I prefer the cat.

(The cat thumbnail is Black Hanekawa from the Monogatari Series – one of my favorite animes)

Sadly, the file version of this isn’t working for me :frowning: Tried both (on OS-X)

What do you mean by the file version?

fzf-files command (fzf-buffers works great).

Do you have fd for listing files?

While Connect may be more general plugin to use external tools, why not use fzf.kak? I tried to provide versatile but general interface for generating fzf commands for external and internal toolings. Maybe with connect there are some possibilities that aren’t implemented for fzf.kak?

I don’t like fzf.kak. I prefer composability over extensibility when possible, and Connect serves me well on that. It composes well with external tools and plugins.

I found doing :edit src/ or :edit ~/projects/ to trigger fzf on these paths was neat, and I just wanted to share it.