Expose information about defined commands

As I was looking for a way how to display command docstring while editting kak files, I ran into annoying issue of not being able to replicate what autoinfo provides.

Right now, the only way how to find some sort of information about defined commands is through autoinfo feature and completion candidates. There has to be some command, expansion or value that exposes defined commands, their docstrings and perhaps the location where that command definition was sourced from.

It’s great that docstrings are built in and encouraged feature of kakoune, but what use it is when the access to this information is limited?

Sounds pretty much like Emacs help system: C-h f function-name RET. I’ve thought that it would be good to automatically build a document pages from .kak files in the same format as builtin documentation. Though it will not be really informative, but it will increase discover-ability without the need to go through script files.

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I seems to relates to this issue https://github.com/mawww/kakoune/issues/1166