Extract values from associative array (or to put it simply: from second column) and some multiple selections issue

Hello to everyone.
I’ve only been using Kakoune for 1 full day.
I code in php and quite often it is necessary to convert the associative array into an array with values.

Fake example :slight_smile:
‘form’ => $form->createView(),
‘publication’ => $npwPublication,
‘pressForm’ => $pressForm->createView(),

Result should be

So i jumped to first line, gi to first char (because code is indented),
grab 3 lines with shift+x,
then split selection into lines with alt+s,
then select from end to dollar sign with alt+f and $ as my wanted stop character.
And finally, y to copy :slight_smile:

Is there an easier way to select this?

But what I have the biggest problem with is how to move the copied lines to another place.

When I move the cursor down I have 3 of them and when I align the first one in final place in file, the other 2 are overlap another code so I cannot paste selection content without mixing with the rest. :frowning:

So I figured I’d reduce the selection (with space) to one and it would be much easier for me to hit my target line. But when I do that, the paste command only returns 1 line out of the 3 I copied.

I tried to copy these lines to another buffer, but the effect is the same.

Can you suggest something?

Thanks in advance and have a nice day :slightly_smiling_face:

You could also use 2C to directly create 3 selection. And then f$<a-l>y for the yanking

So when you yank with 3 cursors, you have 1 yank per cursor, therefore you also need 3 cursor to paste all 3 selections.

I don’t know if it’s the fastest, but what I would do ( after yanking the 3 lines ):
press <space> to go back to 1 cursor
move to the place I want to paste
create 3 empty line with 3<a-o>
go down with j and create 3 cursors with 2C
paste with p

now regarding if you yanked the \n newline character you might have an extra newline. Just press d to delete it.

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I think the solution to your issue is <a-p>/<a-P>:

    paste all after the end of each selection, and select each pasted string

    paste all before the start of each selection, and select each pasted string

Note that unless your selections contain end-of-line (in your case I think they do) you’d have to append a newline a<ret><esc> after pasting if you want your selections to be in different lines.


Thank you both for the answers.
I found the solution a few hours after writing the post, just before bedtime.

As @bravekarma writes, the solution is alt+p / alt+P.
I must have skipped it when I read for a first time https://kakoune.org/why-kakoune/why-kakoune.html, a few days ago.

But I learned something new anyway, thanks to @scr.
Copying the selection to a new line is great.

But when I paste (alt+p) this selection all lines are merged into 1, which is not a big problem as I can break them again using a comma :slight_smile:


Such a a great editor.
While PhpStorm is a great IDE, without the plugins, the text editing was poor.

Thanks again and have a nice day.

Yes it worth it to go through :doc keys from time to time. I have been using kakoune since a while now but I still discover new stuff ! it is a great editor :heart_eyes: