Font ligatures, as with Fira Code?

Can I use the Fira Code font ligatures with kakoune? If so, how? If not, then is there anything else I can do to enable them?

Since Kakoune runs in a terminal, it’s not really up to Kakoune to use ligatures, it’s up to the terminal. Most terminals don’t support them, for performance reasons, but Konsole and QTerminal are two that do.

I use Kakoune inside Kitty (a terminal that supports ligature) with Fira Code for a time now. Works like a charm.

I really don’t get the appeal of ligatures in fixed-width monospaced fonts. Sure they look beautiful on books, website, etc. But on a terminal where distinguishing characters are more important, ligatures don’t give no advantage.

Just for the swag !
For me it’s also a must have when doing functional programming, make think more clear with beatutifull arrow.

I’ve been using the JetBrains Mono font for quite some time now and have tested MANY terminal emulators for ligature support. iTerm2 and Kitty have been the best so far (I really liked alacritty but at the time there was only a PR with ligature support; used it for awhile before switching to kitty).

The JetBrains font also has italic support, which is very nice for emphasizing code details (this is supported in Kakoune with faces).

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