Funding projects on GitHub

GitHub Sponsors is launching small and simple, but our mission is vast: to expand the opportunities to participate in and build on open source. We’re here to serve the developer community, and we’re eagerly listening for your input about what else you’d like to see in GitHub Sponsors.

This is terrific! I feel a bit bad for like BountySource and friends.

I’m too not sure if this is a good news. But since we’re all using this platform I’ve decided to post it here.

I think more pipes for money to authors is good. People can just not use it, it isn’t compulsory. I wish for example there was a serious competition for Patreon.

The thing I’m afraid of is something like “you’re not backing me up, therefore I’m not fixing issues from you”. Sure there’s not many people like this, but still, some projects can be infected with this mentality.

Also this face kinda scares me:

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I don’t find the first case particularly compelling, but the goddamn face is terror.

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