FZF plugin stopped working


I just tried to update the fzf.kak plugin on my kakoune on Mac and it has stopped working-
Following is what i get id debug buffer
*** This is the debug buffer, where debug info will be written ***
Dependency unmet: gocode, please install it to use go-tools
Dependency unmet: goimports, please install it to use go-tools
Dependency unmet: gogetdoc, please install it to use go-tools
Dependency unmet: jq, please install it to use go-tools
/Users/sreyans/.config/kak/plugins/fzf.kak/rc/fzf.kak:no such command: ‘provide-module’
plug.kak: Error occured while loading andreyorst/fzf.kak plugin:

Can somebody please help me fix it? Thanks.

The provide-module command was added in kakoune quite recently (like less than a month). It is not yet officially released. The fzf plugin started to use it to prepare for the future.

So you have 2 options:

  • compile the latest version of kakoune
  • rollback fzf to the version you were before.

Yeah, sorry for that, but I’ve decided to move on and include module system to lazy load everything, and since it requires latest Kakoune the only option for those who don’t use development version is to checkout to b924eaa.

I see that you’re using plug.kak, so in this case you can simply add commit "b924eaa" to the plug command like so:

plug "andreyorst/fzf.kak" commit "b924eaa" %{

Also, you can open any kind of issues on fzf.kak github page. This way I’ll notice them faster, and respond faster too :slight_smile:

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Thanks I did that and it started working again.

Thank you so much. I really like the FZF plugin. Thanks for the good work