General Kakoune questions

I have a couple of basic questions. I’m not even sure where to begin looking for answers to these.

  1. Does Kakoune know if there are multiple kak processes that are opening the same file?
  2. When I run kak -l I see a list of available sessions, but how do I know which buffers are open in that session?

I don’t think so, but it realises when the buffer has been modified.

That is a little bit more complicated.

See :ls and :get from connect.kak for reference.

Hey todd,
kakoune has a command :echo %val{buflist}

check out kak’s wiki pages Shell-scripting and kak-daemon.
You may be able to build/run a script that does the above command and print the list to console.

Welcome, and have fun. Bye :wave: