Getting started with writing plugins

Hey everyone. I’ve started using Kakoune few weeks ago and I really like it, consider using it as my main editor of choice. I want to write some plugins for it, can you give me some resources where to start?

Kakoune doesn’t have “plugins” as a special thing. Cut some lines out of your kakrc file and paste them into a file with the .kak extension, and presto! You’ve made a plugin, that’s about all there is to it.

The trickiest thing with writing plugins is setting up the autoload directory to put them in. The wiki page InstallIng Plugins explains all that.

Apart from that, read through :doc commands and :doc hooks and :doc expansions to get a feel for the kinds of things Kakoune can do, read existing plugins (especially the ones that come with Kakoune) to see how they work, that sort of thing. There’s some conventions you might find helpful, or perhaps you might not. It’s up to you.


Thanks a lot, I’ll get to work soon!

Hi towsix,
A great repository to checkout is kakoune-extra for a great source of knowledge and inspiration. Don’t worry about the “archived status” see it as a challenge. The trophy winner for me is: grepmenu.asciidoc, grepmenu.kak or maybe dictcomplete.asciidoc. Lot’s of choices, thanks Lenormf.

Welcome twosix and have fun. Bye :wave:

Forgot new user keyboard help located here:
basic-interactions.kak <— in editor keystroke info boxes
Kakoune Explain + Kakoune TV <— great for when your scripting keyboard movements.

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