Getting Things Done without Org mode (Personal configuration)

declare-option bool gtd

hook global BufCreate '.*/diary/\d{4}\.md' %{
  set-option buffer gtd yes

hook global WinSetOption gtd=true %{

  require-module gtd
  evaluate-commands set-option window static_words %opt{gtd_keywords}
  add-highlighter window/ ref gtd

  alias window gtd gtd-grep-todo
  alias window g+ gtd-grep-scheduled
  alias window g! gtd-grep-deadline
  alias window g+h gtd-grep-hourly
  alias window g+d gtd-grep-daily
  alias window g+w gtd-grep-weekly
  alias window g+m gtd-grep-monthly
  alias window g+y gtd-grep-yearly

  alias window td gtd-chronic-grep-today
  alias window tw gtd-chronic-grep-week

  map window normal <a-d> ': gtd-jump-to-day<ret>'
  map window normal <c-d> ': gtd-todo-done<ret>'
  map window normal <c-u> ': gtd-todo-cancelled<ret>'
  map window insert <c-y> '<a-;>: gtd-insert-date<ret>'
  map window insert <c-u> '<a-;>: gtd-insert-time<ret>'

  hook -always -once window WinSetOption gtd=false %{
    remove-highlighter window/gtd

provide-module gtd %šŸˆ
  declare-option -hidden str-list gtd_keywords 'Aborted' 'Cancelled' 'Constat' 'Deadline' 'Done' 'Fixed point' 'Habits' 'Postponed' 'Rule' 'Scheduled' 'Status' 'To do' 'Try' 'Waiting'

  add-highlighter shared/gtd regions
  add-highlighter shared/gtd/code default-region group

  evaluate-commands %sh{
    # Keywords
    eval "set -- $kak_quoted_opt_gtd_keywords"
    for keyword do
    printf "add-highlighter shared/gtd/code/keywords regex '%s' 0:keyword\n" "$regex"

  define-command gtd-jump-to-day %{
    set-register / "^# \K%sh(date '+%F\.%a')$"
    execute-keys '<space>n'
    set-register / '^# \K\d{4}-\d{2}-\d{2}\.\w{3}$'

  define-command gtd-todo-done %{
    execute-keys -draft '<a-x>sTo do<ret>cDone<esc>'

  define-command gtd-todo-cancelled %{
    execute-keys -draft '<a-x>sTo do<ret>cCancelled<esc>'

  define-command gtd-grep-todo %(grep 'To do')
  define-command gtd-grep-scheduled %(grep 'Scheduled')
  define-command gtd-grep-deadline %(grep 'Deadline')
  define-command gtd-grep-hourly %(grep '\+\d+Hours')
  define-command gtd-grep-daily %(grep '\+\d+Days')
  define-command gtd-grep-weekly %(grep '\+\d+Weeks')
  define-command gtd-grep-monthly %(grep '\+\d+Months')
  define-command gtd-grep-yearly %(grep '\+\d+Years')

  define-command gtd-chronic-grep-today %(chronic-grep-period 'To do.+%F' today today day)
  define-command gtd-chronic-grep-week %(chronic-grep-period 'To do.+%F' today week day)

  define-command gtd-insert-date %(execute-keys -draft '!date ''+%F'' | tr -d ''\n''<ret>')
  define-command gtd-insert-time %(execute-keys -draft '!date ''+%R'' | tr -d ''\n''<ret>')

interesting idea! Though Org mode is much more feature-full not everyone needs that amount of features. But the big thing for me was agenda that generates interactive list of tasks with times, dates, repeats, and so on. Glad to see some flavor of it in Kakoune!

The configuration is dense, but if I can spot some of my favorite parts, is the ability to grep things within a time range (the current day and week), and relative-to-absolute (ā€œnext mondayā€ ā†’ %F ā†’ ā€œ2020-01-13ā€) date formats.

This is really cool. Do you mind commenting a little more about the functionality here? Iā€™m also really interested in seeing an example file.

I can show some videos, but I just switched to Sway / Wayland, Iā€™m not sure how to do yet.

Please post if you manage to figure it out! Iā€™m really interested in a similar setup, but it would be great to see it in action. Thanks!

Iā€™m currently busy to review my plugin implementations, but I will do when I have the time.

This looks very nice! Thanks for sharing.


This is awesome! Iā€™m going to give it a go later. Thanks!

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