Github interface notifications

Hello guys:

This is slightly off topic… I couldn’t find a definitive answer about Github and the way it deals with notifications.

If someone is more familiarized than I am regarding this, and can clarify it for me, I’ll appreciate it.

It’s been my understanding all along, that as long as a user comments on an issue and whether the user is subscribed to it or not to that issue- the default values for the Github interface is that the user in return gets a notification as soon as another user comments/participates on the same issue.


This is the way I’ve normally followed an issue. But note that I’ve never subscribed to in the past.

I just found it odd that I never got a notification from Github when I commented on issue x

Also, both email and web are checked marked under settings

Notifications for the conversations you are participating in, or if someone cites you with an @mention.

But, perhaps I need to subscribe to it directly instead… because unfortunately it hasn’t worked lately.

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I think it mostly works like this, but I never get notifications for my own posts.

Thanks. That’s what I thought too.

I just found it odd that I never got a notification from Github when I commented on x issue

I should have said earlier that: I just found it odd that I never got a notification from Github, as soon as the author of the issue, or another participant commented on the same issue than I had…

@eraserhd I’m asking because I first noticed it with a push from @mawww which fixed an issue that @alexherbo2 opened back in April I think.

When I go back to the project itself which according to Github, even by not watching it, I should have received a notification, but I never did.


@eraserhd and even by not being subscribed to it, I still should have gotten a notification, since I have participated in the past.


In all honesty, this is the sort of thing that as the saying goes: drives me up to the wall… and I don’t know whether I should say another saying that goes in the line of ‘Oh well’, because the latter one annoys me even more…

Thank you @eraserhd for confirming I wasn’t just doing some mistake over with the settings of Github.

Do you still experience the same behavior?