Good editor for mobile devices

Kakoune is well-optimized for text editing using a keyboard, however using kakoune on a mobile device with touchscreen is probably not the most efficient way to use those resources, even though it still works pretty well for me in termux.

What I’m looking for is an editor (or extension of kakoune maybe) that is optimized for touchscreen editing.
It would use swipe gestures for modifying the selection, it might even have some sort of a modal system, etc.

This thread could be used to discuss UX for such an app and to suggest apps that work in this way.

I’m curious for your suggestions and opinions.

@JJK96 I have often had the exact same thought, of a swipe oriented, advanced mobile editor. Basically, a powertool like kakoune or vim, with a similar learning curve, probably with lots of modes and gestures. Alternatively a radial menu that can be navigated quickly, but having broad like each of the initial sections be a mode, then a layer of organization under that, etc. The goal being when you use a command often, you would be able to use muscle memory to do it without looking.

Radial menu sounds like a nice idea.
Of course a good editor should have completion and extensibility features as well.

Just created termux.kak. But being comfortable in Termux does not just depend on Kakoune, so I plan to release other stuff.


Added termux-configuration for full environment.

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