Having a `.config/kak/bin/` just for kakoune script and binary

Hello !
I was thinking of a bin directory to put all my kak related script and binary. This directory could be .config/kak/bin/ .

Like the $kak_* and $kak_opt variables, binary from this folder would be only loaded from inside kakoune ( unless the user add .config/kak/bin to his $PATH of course ) .

I see a few advantages with this:

  • those binary don’t need to be in my bash everday $PATH because they are just used inside kakoune
  • I don’t have my kak script filling my ~/bin
  • don’t have them filling my shell autocomplete suggestion
  • I can have one monolic “pull and play” git repo that include all the external binary I need for my kakoune config
  • It could be usefull for plugin to know that such a folder exist to put their binary.
    for e.g. kak-lsp's install intruction ask you to put the binary into a folder in you $PATH. If such bin folder existed (and was part of kakoune like the autoload folder) this step could be automated.
  • idk, it just feel more clean and organised that way :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s actually easy to implement, I remplaced my .local/bin/kak with the following bash script:

PATH=$HOME/.config/kak/bin:$PATH path/to/my/kak/bin

I hope it doesn’t slow down my kakoune too much.

I’ll see how well it work ! tell me what you think about it