Hidden gems

The other day I came across a plugin I was searching for ages and didn’t had the time to write myself, I’d like to know of some hidden gems you have found, that might not even be indexed in the official kakoune plugin search page or are buried way deep there.


It is an extraordinarily fast and very consistent bracket highlighting plugin. It just… Works. I have almost no complaints about it at all!

My kak-one color schemes have an integrations for it.

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~raiguard/kak-one - sourcehut git (“proper” One color scheme implementation that alters the colors on the status line and pop-ups as well) & listentolist / kakoune-table · GitLab (Markdown table manipulation)

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Almost forgot about these:

Wow, I wish I’d looked at files.kak on Friday. I spent way too long this weekend hacking together a Kitty + broot + Kakoune kitten that opens files in remote kakoune buffers. Of course, it was still worth it to me to learn a bit more about Kitty’s Python API, but … this looks useful :smiley:

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hahaha, I was missing something like dired and was about to hack something up, but I found this by pure chance :V