How do you work at environment that doesn't support Kakoune?

I’ve been using Kakoune since about 2 years now. I love Kakoune. Kakoune has become one of my tools that I cannot live without. And that is precisely the reason of my problem.

If the tool doesn’t have a command line interface but an IDE, sometimes they have vi-binding and that is kind of okay but it is not ideal. Worse, if I have to go back to non-modal editing.

What do you do then?

If the IDE is VS Code or a derivative, you can try the Dance extension for a kak-like experience. Even though it’s pretty new, it works great. (I’m not a power user, though.)

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Learning an editor very well is helpful. Depending entirely on one editor is a risk. I know that it sounds unhelpful, but don’t do that.

I also love Kakoune, but if the group insists on using IDEA or Atom or whatever, then I agree to use it or I leave the group. I use Kakoune for everything else: editing plain text, Markdown documents, whatever.

I have tried using Kakoune/vim bindings in other IDEs and the keystroke conflicts make this experience worse than simply using the IDE on its own, so I give up Kakoune in favor of the IDE.

That is cool, but I don’t use VSCode. I’m talking about IDEs like Jupyter or Online Editors such as that of Overleaf. They have vi-bindings and there are some particular keys that conflict with kak (ignoring features that they don’t have),

  • Delete. We use d for everything, and they use sometimes d and sometimes x. Except that we use x key for something very important.

  • Visual mode. They use v while we use the Shift key. And the behavior is so different. We have to hold down Shift. Their v is like a toggle mode. You switch it on and off.