How many "types" of snippets are there?

so I’ve been working on a cross editor snippet manager(link to code), and I’m trying to improve the snippet syntax.

I want to make the snippet syntax a superset of that defined by the lsp snippet spec but allow for programmatic snippets, ie the type of snippets that makes ultisnips or its vscode-based descendant hsnips so powerful, but while avoiding supporting arbitrary code execution if possible.

That involves coming up with extra syntax tokens to cover the most useful cases of dynamic snippets. For what I suppose is a lack of imagination, I can’t seem to think of anything beyond char repeat and placeholder list transformation (make a,b,c into :a:\n,:b:\n,:c:\n like the example in the ultisnips readme.

what are the use cases you guys can think of for programmatic snippets, and how would you like the syntax for that to look?

Hey, I’m checking your snippet manager. Is there a way to make it work for kakoune?

It would be great to have a snippet manager for kakoune than can take advantage of other snippet template.

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yes, and no.

It’s designed to be editor independent so it’s mainly a matter of setting up a client for kakoune. that being said, I was waiting to see if coprocesses would be supported (given that I’m already trying to daemonize the server, having the daemonize the editor client as well just seemed like it would be rather hacky).

So it can, I or someone else need just needs to implement it. I could use some help, because I just got a job, and also this project started to get big enough that it was gettting harder to make progress on my own