How to input 'raw' text

Hey all,

Is there a way to directly input ascii or unicode such that the symbols appear? I’ve been using snippets but I was thinking of creating a “unicode mode”.


Just pasting the text in insert mode should do the right thing 95% of the time. If you have some hooks that do something fancy you might need to enter insert mode with \i instead of just i, so hooks are temporarily disabled.

For the very few control characters that are interpreted in insert mode (like <esc> and <c-o>) you can press <c-v> (for “verbatim”) to make sure the next key pressed gets inserted into the buffer rather than processed. For example, typing <c-v><esc> will insert a U+001B character.

So how would I for example insert α?

In Vim you can press Ctrl+v and type something like u1234 to insert unicode character. IIUUC you want this feature, right?

yes indeed!

that would be cool, but why not use system way to insert these characters though?

I see, I didn’t actually know there was a system wide way to do this :sweat_smile: thanks for the enlightenment

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