How to use a tab of width 8?

New Kak user here. Please forgive if this question is very trivial but I cannot seem to get my tabs to be of width 8. And also how can I get autoindenting?

8 spaces or one tab character?

8 spaces is set global indentwidth 4
A real tab is set global indentwidth 0

You can also set window instead of global.

Also, I think all the answers you could need are here :

I want to kakoune to put a \t but display 8 spaces.

you have 2 options one is indentation width in spaces, the other is amount of spaces in tab character: indentwidth and tabstop. If you want your tab to be 8 spaces you need to set tabstop to 8. You can’t put \t and display spaces, but you can display \t the same size as 8 spaces

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