very interesting…

Sometime simplicity is better than “fewer keystroke”:

For example, I rather do ( in kakoune ) XXXXX than 5X, because when I’m coding my brain is already focusing on solving a problem, and the quick math I have to do to get the 5 is some kind of brain polution, so I rather hammer a key instead because it’s a no brainer


I feel the same. Figuring out how many times I want to repeat some action is too distracting, so I either stick to repeated motions or use the t, f or / to select what I want.

That’s one big reason why I find Kakoune’s model friendlier and less distracting to user than Vim’s.


Vem author here. I agree with what it is being commented here. One of the reasons why I started that project was because I realized that, while coding in Vim, my brain was constantly doing micro pauses. Instead of having my ideas flowing, I was stopping, even if it was for a fraction of a second, to figure out the shorter way or to find the most efficient command to do something. I prefer an editor that allows my ideas flow over one that allows extreme precision or efficiency.

What I like about Kakoune is its focus on interactivity, which I believe helps in this regard.


@pacha we love people who take a risk and do things around here, I think Vem is great.

I know a lot of people tried similar things over the years (been moderator of #vim for 2 decades) and failed! It had to be far more effort than anyone will ever appreciate. :slight_smile:

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Thanks @robertmeta! Really appreciate your words. Developing the project did take more effort than I’m willing to admit. Still less scary than moderating #vim for that amount of time :smile: I think it is important that we put new stuff out there from time to time, to shake a bit our assumptions. Also, because it is a bit more fun that way :slight_smile:

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